Head of the Department

 Prof. Timur Zefirov




The Department of Anatomy, Physiology, and Human Health Protection was established in 1950. During the years of existence, this Department became one of the leading physiology departments in the Russian Federation.

    The main scientific focus revolves around physiology of a developing heart and has been under study from the middle of the 20th century. 

   The Department offers 2 postgraduate programs: Master's degree and PhD in Physiology. 

Since 1989, the Department has its own Theses Defense Council (doctoral and master's level) in 03.03.01 Physiology.

     Among the leaders in teaching and research activity are: Dr. Sc. Prof. Farit .G. Sitdikov, Timur .L. Zefirov, Raisa G. Biktemirova, Tatyana A. Anikina, Marina V. Shaykhelislamova. They are authors of monographs, textbooks and manuals on the main disciplines - Anatomy, Physiology, Age Physiology, Basic Medical Training, Health and Safety, Basics of Healthy Lifestyle.