Interdepartmental Training-and-Research Centre “Medical Physics” was opened in 2001 on the basis of the faculty of Physics of KSU. Leading specialists in the sphere of natural sciences and medical-and-biological sciences working at the intersection of physics, medicine and biology have been involved in the work of the Department.
Opening of this speciality is connected with growing interest in scientific research in the considered field and widespread use of modern high-technology electronics for medical diagnosis and, correspondingly, increasing demand for specialists владеющих both classical methodology of physical research, and peculiarities of life form study.

Personnel of the Training-and-Research Centre “Medical Physics” include 13 Professors and Doctors of Science, 8 Associate Professors and senior researcher officers.
Exe­cutives: Professor Aganov A. V., Professor Skirda V. D., Professor Kotov N. V.
Academic secretary – Associate Professor Il’yasov K. A.
Deputy Head for Students’ Scientific Study – assistant lecturer Rudakova M. A.
Secretary – engineer Galiullina N. F.

What is Medical Physics?
Sphere of competence
Fundamental medical physics: - Physics of various organs and systems of human body, in physical fields in organism, human interaction with physical radiations; physical-and-mathematical simulation of organs, systems and processes.
• Applied medical physics: - physics of radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, roentgen diagnostics; physics of non-ionizing techniques  of diagnosis and therapy; problems of computerization, mathematical simulation in diagnostics and therapy; radiological safety and radio ecology; diagnosis and treatment quality control and assurance.

Development and introduction into medical practice of:
• Medical-and-physical apparatus, including experimental technique for biomedical research;
• Disease diagnosis techniques;
• Living system study methods, including study of metabolism, medical-and-biological purpose objects, products of life of living organisms, toxicology etc.;
• Physical technologies in medicine etc.

• 6 to 10 students study this speciality (each year), student selection is competitive, it is made at the end of the IV semester among students studying the speciality “Physics”
• graduates are conferred the diploma in the speciality of “Physics”, and up to 50% of graduates are admitted to Post-Graduate Studies, some of them are winners of various level prizes