The Department was created as the Department of Applied Political Science in 2003. It has since widened its scope of research and is known by its current name since December 2012.

The majority of academics are young and prolific researchers who have PhD degrees.

The Department supervises the following programs:

baccalaureate - Advertising and Public Relations; 

masters' programs - Political Journalism; Advertising and Public Relations in Public Governance; Sports Journalism; Advertising and Public Relations in Territorial Branding;

PhD - Political Institutions, Political Processes and Technologies.

There are two labs where academics and students conduct research and practice their art of public relations - Advertising Technologies Lab and PR Consulting Lab.

Our students have their own print media - PR Combat Leaflet (est. 2015).

Since its establishment the Department issued over 10 monographs, graduated over 10 PhDs and DScis, held several national and international conferences on PR and advertising.