The address: 420008, Kazan, street Kremlin, 18
East case of the main building, room 116в
Head of centre - Nevzorov Tatyana Aleksandrovna
Tel.: +7 (843) 2337845

Biology, developing at galloping speed, is one of the modern science and production priorities. All achievements of the biological science are closely connected with fundamental and applied sciences and serve as the basis of life support, man and animals protection, and progress in such fields as medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, ecology, nanotechnology, etc. The connection is as well established with those branches of production which have a link to biological objects. 

Acquiring of theoretical knowledge on achievements and opportunities of modern biology and their efficient practical application, improvement of professional competences are the keys of success in professional activities, promotion, development and fulfillment of a person. 

The centre provides services in pre-University, postgraduate (state and private organizations’ staff, other people who have higher or specialized secondary education and work experience in profession), additional (applied) education, advanced training for specialists.