Address: 420008, Kazan, Kremlevskaya str., 35, КFU, building 2, room1201
Head of the centre – Khairutdinova Dilyara Raifovna
Tel.: +7 (843) 233-72-05 

The educational centre offers the various programs allowing each to learn something about the city of Kazan and its vicinities, about its religious and cultural features. In addition, courses on history of world cinema and photographing are offered. On completion of courses the graduates acquire additional qualification and possibility to work in the sphere of tourism business.

Courses for guides. In the Educational centre of the Institute of History for a fee it is possible to gain an additional qualification of the guide within the programmes "Towards to the University game", "History and monuments of cult architecture", "Excursion support steamship routes" and "The Pearl necklace of Tatarstan" with providing of corresponding documents. 

Training assumes various kinds and forms of lesson activities: lecture, practical tasks, excursions, independent work and others. The lessons are given in the evening, at the leisure time according to the confirmed schedule. The lessons are given by the faculty of KFU and the experts invited from other higher schools and institution. The students of the courses are accepted among pupils, the students of KFU and other higher education institution, post-graduate students, and also the citizens having higher education. Enrolment for the courses is made on the basis of the bilaterial contract of paid services.

The courses may be attended by pupils, students of KSU and other higher institutions, postgraduates and all those who have higher education. Enrolment in the course is fulfilled after signing up the two-sided contract on paid services.