Office: Mizgireva Tamara Ivanovna

Tel.: +7 (843) 231-54-63; 8-919-637-25-87
Address: Kazan, Kremlevskaya str., 6/20, room 103

The department was established in 1993. It is aimed at providing the opportunity for acquiring supplementary knowledge, competences, and skills. The practice has shown, that training allows the graduates of the centre to significantly improve their competitiveness on the labour market, and also to demonstrate their creative and social abilities.

In the centre the students, post-graduate students, employees of KFU and other institutions of higher education and, also, other citizens having higher education are trained. Enrollment is implemented on the basis of the personal application and signing of the contract of rendering paid services.

The lessons are given by the faculty of KFU and the professionals from other higher education institutions and establishments.

To students of the centre having completed the training programme and the terms of the agreement are granted certificates of the Institute of Continuous Education of KFU stands out.