Head of the Department - Ramil R. Khairutdinov.

The Department of Russian History is one of the oldest departments of Kazan Federal University. It is the centre of Kazan regional branch of the Russian Society of Intellectual History.

The Department researches national issues of the 20th century Russian history, history of social and class structure of Russian society, intelligentsia, and the Great Patriotic War.

The following scientific circles operate at the Department: “Smoke of the fatherland” (headed by A.Yu. Mikhaylov; classes are held on Tuesdays (twice a month) at 19.00 in room 26) and “Military Historian” (headed by V.F. Telishev; classes are held on Wednesdays (twice a month) at 11.30 in room 26).

Currently, the Department of Russian History is rapidly developing scientific relations with Russian and foreign historians by taking part in joint international projects, grants, conferences and symposiums.