Presentation of Interdisciplinary center for analytical microscopy


Basic information


1. Name of the unit: The Interdisciplinary Center "Analytical Microscopy"


2. Location: Kazan, Parizhskoi komunny str. d. 9.


3. History: Interdisciplinary Center was established in 2013 under the program of development of the Kazan Federal University for research projects. The center cooperates with all scientific departments of KFU in physics, chemistry, biology, biomedicine, geology, nanotechnology and materials science.

4. Currently, ICAM participates in the following Strategic Academic Units: "Ekooil" "7P Translational Medicine."


5. The instrument base:

1. Field emission scanning electron microscopy multipurpose analytical complex Merlin (Carl Zeiss)

2. Atomic resolution transmission electron microscopy for the study of nano-objects HT7700 Exalens (Hitachi)

3. Vacuum coater Quorom Q 150T ES

4. Shuttle & Find correlation microscopy system

5. Scaning laser confocal microscope LSM 780 (Carl Zeiss)

6. Atomic force microscope Dimension FastScan (Bruker)

7. Ultromicrotome UC7 (Leica)

8. Critical point dryer for electron microscopy K850 (Quorum)

9. IsoMet 5000 Linear Precision Cutting Machine

10. Grinding and polishing machine EcoMet 250 with semi-automatic nozzle AutoMet 250 (Binder)

11. Automatic shrinking machine SimpliMet (Binder)

12. Vibration polishing machine VibroMet 2 (Binder)

13. Vacuum impregnation system Cast N 'Vac 1000 (Binder)

14. Laboratory centrifuge Z 216 MK

15. Laboratory scales AND GR 202

16. Laboratory desiccator LF-25/350 VS1

17. Roller mixer MOVIL-ROD

18. Centrifuge with cooling BS-010 213  (BioSan)


6.  Staff

Yury Osin, director ICAM

Vadim Salnikov, scientific director

Vladimir Evtjugin, engineer

Viacheslav Vorobev, engineer

Svetlana Kuznetcova, engineer

Aleksey Rogov, engineer


7. Publications of staff:

Yury Osin

Vadim Salnikov

Vladimir Evtjugin

Viacheslav Vorobev

Svetlana  Kuznecova

Aleksey Rogov