Research laboratory 'Medical and psycho-social health markers'

Research laboratory 'Medico-psycho-social markers of health' is a multidisciplinary laboratory which conducts health research on the intersection of medicine, sociology, and psychology. The laboratory was established July, 1 2016 within strategic academic unit 'Translational 7P Medicine'.

Head of the laboratory: Candidate of Science in Medicine, Associate Professor Raushania Gaifullina.

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“Students' health'' Project

Within this project we conduct panel longitude research for interdisciplinary analysis of social and physical health of students within the whole period of studies at University (4 years).

The aim of the Project is to reveal dynamics of social, physical, and psychological health of students in the institutional environment of a higher educational institution and to determine its key internal and external factors.

Research content: 4-years field linear experiment and monitoring of social and physical health of students enrolled in University in 2015 with comparison of variables of initial (during enrollment) and final (during graduation) conditions of health. 

Cofinancing: Grant of Russian Humanitarian Scientific fund # 16-06-01064 'Reproduction of physical and social health in the institutional environment of higher educational institution'


Order of establishment of the research laboratory (in Russian)

PPT presentation about research laboratory (in Russian)

Key members of the laboratory