Head of the Master Program     

      Vlada Kugurakova

     Address: room 1407, 35 Kremlevskaya str., Kazan, 420008

     Phone: +7 (843) 206-52-33 (ext. 3521)

     E-mail: vlada.kugurakova@gmail.com

It is one of the few educational master programs in Russia in AR/VR. Trainers of the laboratory of virtual and augmented reality (DML Lab) have extensive experience in research and practical development. DML employees are current members of AVRA association as experts.

Specifics of the Master Program in AR/VR in KFU:

- Project-based learning: most of the subjects of the course are taught in practice.

- Comprehensive training of masters - the program includes subjects from three areas: Software Engineering, Development of AR/VR Apps, Socio-Humanitarian Sciences.

- Internship in companies of the gaming industry and interactive AR/VR apps development.


Studying process in magistracy

As part of the training program, you will study subjects in several areas.

Together with your classmates, you will study Software Engineering. This is the basis of our course. A project manager understanding the subject area is essential in any IT project, including the AR/VR apps development.

In your majors you will practice developing AR/VR applications. You will learn all the basic processes starting from a concept to a ready app. We will teach you how to design applications for various platforms of virtual and augmented reality. To make an interactive application, you will need not only a code, so we will teach you how to design 3D graphics and animation, environment and interfaces, narrative as well.

The virtual world should be holistic, balanced, accurate and well-arranged. Storytelling tools are helpful here.

Therefore, as electives subjects of socio-humanitarian sciences are taught. You will learn the techniques of s­criptwriting, take a course in narrative theory, get acquainted with modern trends in intercultural communications and current state of modern society.

The disciplines are combined in such way so that in the future specialists will need additional competencies.

You will become truly sought-after specialists who will create mass or local products for a particular target audience.

Practice as basis of training

Most of the course subjects are taught in a practical form. You will have a lot of individual practical tasks and group projects.

You will come full circle of developing an interactive application, from creating a concept to its publishing.

We pay attention to our students' preferences. You will be able to choose the field that you find more interesting. In teams of like-minded people, you will develop projects to help you get used to the interactive application industry. We do not bind you to the platform: you can develop for a PC, mobile devices, VR and AR headsets.

We do not forget about gamification and game development in general. We welcome the enthusiasm for these areas.


In addition to your studies, you will take part in the research work in the following areas: virtual reality, augmented reality, three-dimensional visualization, authenticity of visualization and simulation, immersive virtual environments, virtual simulators, tools for generating game and scenario prototypes, character and environment design for virtual worlds, game development, big data visualization, historical reconstructions, and many others.

We do not limit our students in a choice of research, you can choose any topic related to visualization and development of interactive applications for various platforms.

Competencies that students will acquire

Programming in C#

Interactive Apps Development in Unity

AR Technologies

VR Technologies

Bioneural Sensors

3D Graphics: Modeling, Texturing, Animation

UI Development

Environment and Level Design

S­cript Writing

Narrative Design

Academic Writing

Research Tools

Soft skills

Prospective work

  1. Unity developer
  2. Narrative designer
  3. VR Architect
  4. VR Designer
  5. CG Artist
  6. Game Designer

Entry requirements for applicants:

  1. Entrance exams
  2. Bachelor diploma in engineering
  3. Creative portfolio.
  4. Experience in developing interactive applications.


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e-mail: vlada.kugurakova@gmail.com

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