Winter Russian Language & Culture School

of Kazan Federal University (Kazan, Russia)

When: February 8th – February 19th, 2021

How long: 2 weeks

Monday - Friday 10.10-11.40, 11.50-13.20, after 14.00 - cultural program

Audience:  non-native Russian language learners (A1-C1 language proficiency level)

Number of students in groups: 10-12 students

Tuition fee – 26 000 RUB.

Tuition fee includes:

The content and duration of the program may be tailored according to the request for set groups of students. Generally, the program includes intensive classes of conversational Russian, practice in all language aspects: grammar, phonetics, listening, reading, writing, Russian culture, special courses in Russian Studies and Russian Literature.  Upon request, the program for advanced students may also include a course in the methods of Russian language teaching.

When to Apply: at least 2 months prior to the start date of the program.

Purposes of the course:


The main topics of the course:

Museums of Kazan:

To determine the language proficiency level students, will be administered a placement test.

All graduates will receive a CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION!

The main topics of the course:

Topic 1. Tell me about yourself.

Studing, hobbies.

Topic 2. We travel around Russia.

Russia is a federal republic. Tatarstan is a subject of the Russian Federation.

Topic 3. Cities of Russia.

The city of Kazan. Legends about Kazan.

Topic 4. Where to go? Where to rest?

The city's attractions.

Cultural life of Russian cities.

Topic 5. Holidays in Russia.

Public holidays. Religious holidays. National holidays.

Topic 6. Buying souvenirs.

Russian trades.

Museums of Kazan:

1. Kazan Kremlin - walk (free of charge)

2. Museum of History of Kazan University

3. Museum of the chak-chak - 400 rubles (excursion + tea). Walking in the Old-Tatar Settlement (free of charge)

4. Museum of Socialist Life (adults - 180 rubles, students - 100 rubles.)

5. Viewing platform of the center of the family "Kazan" - 100 rubles

6. Viewing platform on the bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral - 100 r.

7. National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan (adults - 120 rubles, students - 70 rubles).

8. House-Museum of V.I. Lenin (adults - 150 rubles, students - 50 rubles.)

Contact Information:


Phone number: (843) 293-94-52