This course is for specialists from companies, planning to work inRussia or with
Russian customers. 12 month of intensive Russian language in Kazan federal university.
This will be a very intense studying of Russian language in one of the oldest
Russian linguistics centers. Our teachers work with international students with
different backgrounds. You can start learning based on any native language.
The program will give basic speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.
The best way to know Russian is to live in Russia, at least for 1 year.
The minimum educational requirements – Bachelor degree.
Price: 2850 USD/year
Approximate hotel price: 50 - 500 USD/mounth
Approximate living expenses: 400 USD/mounth
? After graduation You can continue studying in our retraining programs to
understand the Russian approaches in Oil and Gas business, Geophysics and Surveying
or in Masters programs of Kazan federal university

To apply for the course e-mail: