Zainullin Jamil Gabdulkhakovich, +7 (843) 293-60-28 ,
Kasimova Alfia Rafisovna, +79872353677,


Training and retraining the teachers of Chinese for primary, secondary and higher education; including services on a paid basis;

Organizing training courses in Chinese of varying intensity for different target audiences,  including services on a paid basis;

Providing information and advice on

- Consulting of those, who wish to study in  the People's Republic of China;

-  Holding competitions, conferences on the study of the cultural heritage of China, relations between Russia and Tatarstan and the PRC;

- Offering the testing in Chinese, and certification for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language  on a paid basis;

- Exchange of publications between the Kazan Federal (Volga Region) University and the universities of China;  

- Organizing the "days of the People's Republic of China" and the scientific and educational work with students of universities of Kazan and Tatarstan, high school students, for their vocational guidance and promotion of knowledge in the field of Sinology and Oriental Studies in general;

Organizing student festivals and other cultural and educational events, dedicated to the People's Republic of China.