The main research area of the Law Faculty includes "Cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary legal studies of social and economic problems in domestic and international integration". Head of Department - Professor F. R. Sungurov

Grant of SO (single order) and a few AO (additional order) are implementedin the framework of this area.

The departmentsspecializing in civil rights(civil law, entrepreneurial law, labor law, environmental law and civil procedure) work actively within grant programs. Several grants are planned to be undertaken by the Department of International and European law. 

Traditionally there isa large number of people striving to obtain PhD degree in Law. Annually the faculty trains about 80 degree-seeking applicants and more than 170postgraduate students. In 2013 there were 166 postgraduate students, in 2014 – 136 postgraduate students enrolled in all forms of education. The faculty adopted the Framework of postgraduate program, the Association of postgraduate students of the Law Faculty was established. With regard to quality improvement and work control,the postgraduate students who do not meet the postgraduate programat the end of the final year are excluded. Collection of postgraduate works is published annually for postgraduate students and degree-seeking applicants.

The Faculty has two doctoral programs: 12.00.08 - Criminal Law and Criminology; Criminal and Penal Law, 12.00.10 - International Law; European Law.

The faculty members actively publishresearch results. In 2013 total number of articles was210, including 108 published in journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC); in 2014 - 254 articles, including 97 in HAC journals and36 in foreign publications.

In recent years the Law Faculty has become the venue for conferences, round tables and discussions at various levels. In 2013, the Faculty organized 17 events (including 11 international), and in 2014 there were 10 (including 7 international).As the Faculty began to develop problems of Muslim private law; several events were devoted to this issue. The Law Faculty appears to bea leader in Executive law and acentre for the Civil Procedure Law and International Law studies.

Faculty researchers actively developissues and reflect them in the books. In 2013, there 10 books were published, in 2014 – 12 (including one published by a foreign publisher).

Textbooks, including electronic ones, are updated annually. In 2013, 32 textbooks were issued,while 50 in 2014.

In 2009 was launched a publicationof series “Textbooks of Kazan University”in the framework of the agreement of Kazan University and Moscow publishing house “Statute”. 2 textbookson Criminal Law (General and Special parts); 2 textbooks on International Law, collection of documents on International Law in two volumes, unique tutorial onHuman Rights Defense, ArbitralProceeding and Property Law. Books have received wide support and popularity among legalists.