Head of laboratory: PhD Lopukhova Olga

Co-Head of laboratory: professor Renad Ibrahim Zhdanov

Health is a key value in all cultures. The concept of health is interdisciplinary in nature, being the object of scientific research in various fields: in dietetics and pharmacology, biology, biochemistry, genetics, epidemiology, pediatrics, medical sociology and medical anthropology in Mental Health, defectology and many others. In addition, study of psychological health factors is becoming increasingly important. Modern approaches to the formation and development of health preventive technologies and measures in the field of health attaches great importance to its psychological mechanisms. At the same time, despite the awareness of the importance of health' psychological factors and mechanisms, they are not yet enough studied.

System approach to understanding health involves the study of relationships and mutual interaction of factors of different levels (social, psychological, physiological, biochemical, genetic) determine the stability, adaptation and successful human development in a constantly changing environment.

The laboratory was created in order to provide psychological component of interdisciplinary research in the mechanisms and conditions of health development.

Laboratory Tasks:

Basic methodological approaches for research: the theory of functional systems, the theory of biocontrol systems, eco-psychological approach to the development of the psyche, the general system approach to the development of the personality.