The Center for Korean Studies was established in September 2007 after a relevant cooperation agreement was signed by Kazan University and the Korea Foundation.



Sabina Ragozina – Head;

Go Yeong Cheol – Visiting Professor;

Yuliya Valieva – Lecturer;

Anna Belonog – Lecturer.


The Center provides students with various study materials, such as:

1. Books on Korean language, literature, society, religion studies, geography in Russian, Korean, and English.

2. DVDs with presentational and educational videos.


The Center supervises courses in Korean language, history of Korea, culture, religion, and philosophy of Korea.

Kazan University has working relationships with Seoul National University, Korea University, Kukmin University, Incheon University, Busan University, Sangmyeong University, and Gimcheon University. 12 to 14 best students are sent on short-term language programs to South Korea each semester.

The Center holds educational and cultural events, among which are concerts, seminars, festivals of Korean culture, and competitions. December 2015, for instance, was marked by the Russian National Korean Language Contest for high schoolers and university students.

Evening Korean language courses were opened by the Center in September 2015.



Kazan University, 1/55 Pushkin Street, Room 303