Main room: Display subsystem and 3D-visualization

- Information output on the collective display: in 3D format from specialized graphics workstations and in 2D format from other sources (e.g. laptop, document camera, etc.);

- Ability to select the color space through the use of professional class three-chip DLP?-projectors with improved optical color processing technology;

- Play 2D-and 3D-images due to motorized projection filters INFITEC? and passive glasses Projectiondesign;

- Interactive data visualization with support of multi-touch control in Windows environment;

 - Videoconferencing Subsystem.

Auxiliary room: Display subsystem and 3D-visualization

- Information output from all of available sources;

- Viewing of stereoscopic 3D-visualization using 3D-glasses XpanD X10;

- Videoconferencing Subsystem.

6 high-performance workstations Depo Race G600

33 specialized laptop HP EliteBook 8560w

Includes commercial and academic licenses of Schlumberger software products

      - Construction of geological models;

                                 - Hydrodynamic calculations.