In December 2015 Veronika Zharinova and Kristina Egorova had a training in Invertebrate palaeontology, taxonomy and biostratigraphy at the Department of Palaeontology/Stratigraphy of the Institute of Geology at the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg. During 2 weeks they were studying more then 50 samples of conchostracans and about 600 grains of zircons. V. Zharinova and F. Scholze determined one species of conchostracans, Pseudestheria novacastrensis (Mitchell, 1927), from 38,4 m to 43,0 m above base of the section Babiy Kamen. This species is described from Late Permian boundary. Egorova K. studied all the stages of determining the absolute age by zircon using chemical method. Radiometric dating of zircons selected with from the layers with conchostracans will help on the further determination of the exact age. During the training V. Zharinova and K. Egorova also visited the lectures of Professor. Joerg W. Schneider.