The Department's mission is to facilitate high quality of education, clinical and research activities. The Department engages students of 2-6 year of all medical programs (general medicine, dentistry, medical biochemistry, medical biophysics, medical cybernetics) to gain skills in medical, surgical, obstetric-gynecological and pediatric areas, as well as in patient surveying, diagnostics, and medical ethics. 

Specialist degree programs

05.31.01 General Medicine
31.05.03 Dentistry
05.30.01 Medical Biochemistry
05.30.02 Medical Biophysics
30.05.03 Medical Cybernetics

Career Prospects

The professional staff of the Department, research and teaching laboratories with modern equipment, a long tradition of teaching and research, topical problems of the ongoing research allow preparing specialists demanded by scientific institutions and various sectors of the economy both in Russia and abroad.

Graduates of the Department are employed as:

- Doctors of all specialties
- Dentist
- Physician-geneticist
- Radiologist
- Clinical diagnostics laboratory doctor
- Health doctor-organizer

As a result of the development of disciplines in our department, students are able to understand main clinical symptoms and syndromes of internal diseases, identify possible causes and mechanisms of their origin, and decrypt the electrocardiogram interpretation.