The main vector course of the Lab development includes new directions in search, exploration, development, etc. of hydrocarbons. We as palaeontologists and stratigraphers could deliver basic tools for stratigraphy, therefore:

- development of biostratigraphic methods based on small scale fossils and microfossils for the biostratigraphy of drilling cores, as e.g. conchostracans, isolated fish remains and tetrapod remains (micro-remains of vertebrates), and insects;
- improvement of methods for palynofacies analysis and assessment of hydrocarbon potential of sedimentary sequences;
- improvement of sequence stratigraphic methods for the analysis of mixed marine-continental and continental depositional sequences on the East-European platform.

The staff of the invited specialists should be aimed on the leadership of our graduate students (as well as masters and postdocs) in order to provide them new approaches of world science.

Linked to the tasks above, students of the Kazan University will be trained via BSc and MSc theses (or the Russian equivalents) in sedimentological and palaeontological mapping of outcrop and (if available) logging of drilling cores.
To sample material and data for the development of biostratigraphic methods, BSc and MSc students have to be involved in the research work of the specialists. They will be trained in the processing of fossil-containing rocks, in the macro- and SEM-photography of fossils, classification and biostratigraphic analysis, and high-precision methods of radiometric dating.

Additionally, to improve the ability of future graduates to work in international companies and international institutes or working groups respectively, a Double-Master program is in preparation between the geoscientific faculties of the Kazan University and the Technical University (TU) Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany. Additionally the TU Freiberg offers English master programs in Geosciences (e.g. Hydrogeology, Management of Resources and Environments) and Geotechnics for students of the Kazan University.