The teaching environment XXI + is unparalleled anywhere in the world multimedia educational product in physics.

For creation of these product rich traditions of physics training at KSU, the best training experimental base in the Russian, 20 years of experience in the creation of modern multimedia educational products were combined.

The teaching environment XXI + is able to provide the educational process in different areas of physics such as mechanics, thermodynamics and molecular physics, electricity and magnetism, optics.

The teaching environment XXI + provides:

Structurally, the product is a rich set of digital educational resources, which can be combined in different ways to build individual learning path.

The types of digital resources are adapted to the physics teaching. Some of them are unique author's development.

The principal difference between the teaching environment XXI+ is that the vast majority of resources focus on the uses and discussions of real-world observations and experiments.

Uniform product system includes: more than 400 movies (more than 8 hours) around 300 animated models, 200 video-problems, more than 20 tasks of telemetric workshop, 2000 word problems and questions with variable data, around 50 interactive simulators. This set is regularly updated.

The specialized software allows the teacher stuff to create unique textbooks for students, and also quickly verifiable reference for examinations.

The features of the system made possible to organically implement it in the educational process for all disciplines of the Institute of Physics, and associate it with the modern physical practicum of General Physics chair of Kazan Federal University, and also to create opportunities for independent from teacher control of the students' skills.