- X International scientific - educational conference "Actual problems of special psychology and correctional pedagogy: theory and practice" May 24, 2016

- The International Contest-Exhibition "Vector of success - 2016: development of the best teaching aids and correctional classes on special psychology and correctional pedagogy" May 24, 2016

- III International Scientific - Educational Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Innovative forms and technologies in comprehensive support of individuals with developmental disabilities," May 25, 2016

- First International School “Psychology of deviant behavior: Interdisciplinary Research and Practice” May 26 - 27, 2016

It is planned to discuss a wide range of issues: approaches to solving the problem of deviant behavior, exchange of research results and practical experience in the field of psychology of deviant behavior, the search for new approaches to solving the urgent problems of education; search for and identification of modern trends of solving scientific and practical problems of education and upbringing of children and those with behavioral disorders.

Forum is aimed at establishing professional contacts, the development of joint scientific and practical projects, the expansion of relations between the universities in the country and educational and penal institutions.