Activities in 2015

1. Conducted research in qualitative theory of nonlinear differential equations, boundary value problems for equations with leading partial derivatives and hyperbolic systems, study of group properties of equations with leading partial derivatives, pedagogics of higher education.

2. Published 5 articles in Scopus journals: L. M. Kozhevnikova, A. A. Khadzhi (the journal "Sbornik Mathematics", vol. 206, No. 8), V. I. Zhegalov, E. A. Sozontova ("Differential equations", vol. 51, No. 7), A. N. Mironov, L. B. Mironova ("Differential equations", vol. 51, No. 1), T. I. Anisimova ("International Education Studies", 2015, vol. 8, No. 2; "Mathematics Education", 2015, 10(3)).

3. Developed six e-learning resources.

4. Adopted a curriculum on differential equations.