In 2015 the Russian Federation patent  " PREPARATION FOR SELECTIVE APOPTOTIC ELIMINATION OF TUMOUR CELLS" / Makarov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (RU), Il'inskaja Ol'ga Nikolaevna (RU), Kolpakov Aleksej Ivanovich (RU), Zelenikhin Pavel Valer'evich (RU), Mit'kevich Vladimir Aleksandrovich (RU), Petrushanko Irina Jur'evna (RU) // Patent 2 567 670.- Date of publication: 10.11.2015 Bull. № 31

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to microbiological industry and can be used in biotechnology, genetic engineering, medicine and veterinary. Claimed is application of RNAase Bacillus sp. VKPM B-9862 as preparation for selective apoptotic elimination of tumour cells. EFFECT: claimed preparation possesses expressed apoptosis-inducing action with respect to malignant cells, without producing toxic effect on normal cells of blood, liver, nervous tissue and fibroblasts.



Kolpakov, A. I.

V.A.Engelgardt award of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences

for the cycle of works “The change of physiological-biochemical status of the cells under the influence of natural regulators of growth and development”. 30 January 2015