The department's des­cription

The Psychology department was founded in 1974 for the purpose of students' mental conditioning; which till date remains the purpose of the department's existence.

Under conditions of educational modernization in Russia, the department considers teacher's mental conditioning as the main part of students' vocational education and training, including book learning assumption, practical competence attainment and professional quality training.

The department's staff consists of advanced specialists, such as: Psychological science doctors Bayanova L.F. and Fakhrutdinova L.R., Psychological science PhD holders:  Volochkov E.G., Khusainova R. M., Fedorenko M. V., Chirkina S. E. and also senior lecturer, Khairutdinova M. R.

Besides, 5 postgraduates work on thesis research, including FSU and beyond specialists.

The department also conducts psycho-pedagogical master's program 44.04.02 “Experimental psychology in education”

The department's scientific fellowship:

2 grants of Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund according to immediate problems associated with investigations of child psychology are accomplished in the department. Here are these grants:

RHSF 1506-10954 grant “Psychological mechanisms of preschool child cooperation with regulation in standard situation”. The head: Bayanova L.F.

RHSF 15-16-160011 grant “Child- parental relationship in childish hospice (on the example of the first childish hospice in the Republic of Tatarstan). The head: Fedorenko M. V.

The department's scientific researches and R&D works priority areas:

The psychology of a person's culture.

This research considers the problems of cognitive, personal and social development of children's psyche for preschool, junior school and growing age under the influence of culture as a system of standard situation. This sphere is conducted as a part of Lev Vygotsky's ideas of modern applications in development and education psychology.

The psychology of educational work in modern XXI century.

This research considers educational work motivation, professional destructions, risks in work of modern teachers, and the psychology of teacher's self-development as a person of creative tasks and realization in students' teaching and development.

The stress psychology, stress cycles, the disclosure of a person's self-development mechanisms through the reflection of impression experience and stress influence the stable mental structures.

The development of student's personal psychology in polylingual and multicultural education.

Psychological conditions of students' affirmative ethnic identity and tolerance development in global education upon mobility sale and individual trajectory training.

Here are international scientific publications, where the results of members of department's investigations were carried out:

“Psychological diary”, “Psychology questions”, «Psychology in Russia: State of the Art», «Anuario de Psicologia»