About the department:

Department of methodology of training and education dates back to 1877, when the teaching of pedagogical disciplines began in Kazan Teachers' Institute. Teaching Pedagogy as a major academic subject began in the second year of training. The statute instructed it to the most qualified and experienced teachers, the head of the teaching staff and the chairman of the teachers' council, the director of the institute, a talented teacher and organizer of teacher education - E. I. Paramonov (1876 - 1896). He held the first classes on pedagogy in the 1877/78 academic year. Since 1918 pedagogy course started to teach a new director of the institute - a prominent didactician, methodologist and organizer of primary education A. I. Anastasiev (1852 - 1919). He significantly strengthened the general pedagogical training system, developed a program teaching pedagogy with elements of logic and psychology at the level of the best achievements of science at that time. He is the founder of the scientific and teaching research of university. In 1918, when the institute acquired the status of a higher educational institution, the departments of the methodology of training and education was the first opened. There are many outstanding scientists among of members and leaders of this department for nearly ninety years of its existence – A. A. Krasnovskii. V. Y. Struminsky, V. M. Gorokhov, Y. I. Khanbikov, N. A. Polovnikova, D. V. Vilkeev and many others. The first head of the Department of the methodology of training and education has become a prominent scientist, teacher, professor, rector of the newly established Institute of National Higher Education A. A. Krasnovskii (1885 - 1953). He actively championed the idea of current education system democratization, revitalization of the educational process in schools and universities, was one of the founders of the new Soviet pedagogy. The scientific and pedagogical research of the Department of methodology of training and education in different times paid special attention to the study of the history of education and pedagogical thought, cognitive independence development and activity of the pupils, the theory of problem-based learning, social pedagogy issues, historical and theoretical foundations of teacher education and development management issues in the education system. Today in the focus of research of the department are the problems of identifying and implementing educational potential of the future teacher.

Research directions: