Department of General and Practical Psychology was established by the merger of two departments - Department of General Psychology and Department of Practical Psychology - in 2011.

Head of the Department of General and Practical Psychology is Associate Professor, Doctor of Sciences in Psychology A.V. Frolova.

Research activities of members of the department pertain to the study of normal and pathological anticipatory capabilities, gender and cross-cultural psychology, prevention of deviant behavior in youngsters. “Cross-cultural features of implication of intrapersonal gender role conflict” lab is controlled by the Department.

Courses delivered by the Department members:

The staff of the Department of General and Practical psychology is: 7 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer, PhD of psychological Sciences, 2 senior lecturers, 1 assistant.

The specialties of The Department of General and Practical psychology include:

- 050706.65 — “Pedagogy, psychology and English language”

- 030301.65 - "Psychology of Management", 050.400 — "Psychology of Education"

The Department of General and Practical Psychology opened the master's program:

-  030300.62 - «Counseling Psychology».

The Department trains students in three areas:

Research in the field of General psychology. Student-researchers acquire necessary skills for conducting scientific experiment in psychology. These skills include: techniques mastering of analysis of the current state of psychological science, methods, mastering of setting research problems and formulating hypotheses, conducting empirical studies to validate them, writing scientific reports and publications on the results of the studies.

Psychological practice in education. The future practical psychologists in education are trained in the evaluation and improvement of educational process in different type of organizations (kindergartens, schools, institutions of vocational and higher education), in the enterprises that provide training and staff development. Students are trained in psychological counseling, psychodiagnostics, correction of problems in children and adults. Students master the methods of assessing the adequacy of existing diagnostic methods, preparation of prevention programs.

The practical teaching of psychological disciplines. Preparation activities for the teaching of psychology involve the techniques mastery of constructing the content and process of teaching educational psychology for different categories of students.

The Department of General and Practical Psychology offers a wide range of basic and specialized courses in accordance with the stated research areas. The Department provides the necessary discipline for specialization: the organization of psychological services in education, psychological-pedagogical interaction of participants of the educational process, psychological diagnostics of giftedness, self-determination and professional orientation of pupils and students, psychological assistance to children and adolescents with the difficult life situations, psychological and pedagogical counseling, and prevention of deflection behaviors.