We are delighted to invite you to take part in the Second International School-Seminar "From empirical to predictive chemistry", which will take place in Kazan, Russia, from 29th to 30th October 2015

The event will be held in Butlerov Memorial Auditorium, located in the Museum of Kazan School of Chemistry, Kazan Federal University, Kremlyovskaya Str. 18, building 9. For the latest version of the program follow the Program link.

This School-seminar is organized in the framework of the project 14-43-00024 funded by Russian Scientific Foundation.

The School-seminar is regular event that is mainly designed to establish new connections between theoretical chemists in order to make wider overview of field. The general conception of the event is cross-education when specialists in one field make accessible presentation of their findings or overview of the field. This will help to access synergetic effect in developing of theoretical chemistry and molecular modeling in Russia. The first School-seminar gathered experts in chemoinformatics, quantum chemistry and synthetic chemists aiming  to share their experience in design of new chemical entities. 

The Second School-seminar will be mainly focused in application of QSAR approaches for modeling different chemical objects. It will provide participants with an overview of main conceptions of QSAR modeling and its application to different chemical phenomena. The event will gather students, PhD students, beginners, young scientists and well-known scientists – experts, practicing QSAR to solve different chemical problems, who can share their experience and findings in design of new chemical entities. The aim for the school is school will help participants to deeply understand and practically use QSAR techniques. It will also demonstrate young scientists and students the role of theoretical methods in discovery of new drugs, practically important compounds, materials and chemical reactions.

The main topics of the School-seminar are:

basics of QSAR approach,

QSAR approaches in drug design, material design and reaction modeling,

modern techniques of QSAR.


The program of event includes lectures, oral reports and tutorial. Preliminary program of the event is accessible via "Program" tab. Printable version of the School seminar is available here.


Russia, Kazan, Kazan Federal University (Kremlyovskaya st., 18), Butlerov memorial auditorium


English is official language of the event.

Registration fee:

No organizing fee is required for any participant. Registration is obligatory.

Registration procedure :

Please follow on-line registration procedure.

Free slots is available in the Program! Please contact Scientific Secretary about your intention to make oral presentation.

Important dates:

01.08.2015 – 28.10.2015 – registration

01.10.2015 – 15.10.2015 – abstract submission

29.10.2015 - 30.10.2015 – Conference days

Contact Information:

Any questions about the School-seminar can be addressed to Scientific Secretary

Dr. Timur I. Madzhidov (Kazan Federal University, Russia)

E-mail: timur.madzhidov@kpfu.ru

Tel: (843) 233-73-71