The leading foreign partners are presented by University of Giessen and Max Planck Institute, Bad Nauheim , Germany, on the subject "Therapeutic Potential of RNase", Technological university of Hamburg, Germany, on the subject "Destructors of Heavy Pollution", A&M University of Texas, the USA, on a subject of transgene producers of phytase, Institute of agrobiological sciences, Tsukuba, Japan, on the subject "Genome and proteome of cryptobionts" and Technical university of Louisiana, the USA, on the subject "Clever Containers on the basis of Nanoparticles"

Except joint researches, foreign partners are involved in the educational activity promoting development of scientific capacity. So, the following lectures on the modern directions were given in recent years:

1. Cycle "Ribonuclease as blood clottage regulators" (Prof. K. Preissner, Institute of biochemistry, Giessen, Germany) (2009-2013);

2. Cycle "Modern Problems of Genomics" (Prof. Trinad Chakroaborti Institute of medical microbiology, Giessen, Germany (2009);

3. "Sources of new epidemic diseases" (Prof. Francois Rodin, Pasteur's Institute, Paris, France (2010)

4. "Regulation of biosynthesis of bacillus enzymes" (prof. K. Harwood, Newcastle's university, England) (2011);

5. "Technologies of bioremediation" (Prof. H. Müller, Technological university of Hamburg) (2011)

6. Cycle "Adhesive Properties of Strains of a Helicobacter" (D. Bogomolnaya L.M., A&M University of Texas, USA) (2012);

7. Cycle "Functions and Properties of telomerase" (D. Shakirov E.V., A&M University of Texas, USA) (2012);

8. Cycle "Role of RNA and RNase in atherogenesis" (Prof. K. Preissner, Institute of biochemistry, Giessen, Germany) (2012);

9. "Epigenetic regulation" (D. G. Barreto, Max Planck Institute, Bad Nauheim, Germany) (2012);

10. " Phosphodiesterase, dependent on cyclic nuleotide" (Prof. D. Müller, Institute of Anatomy, Giessen, Germany (2012);

11. "Nanofunctionalization of cells (Prof. Yu.M. Lvov, Technical university of Louisiana, USA) (2012)