Tutorial on search of chemical substances, their properties and reactions and making retrosynthetic planing

Tutorial will be based on Reaxys chemical database from Elsevier.

 Des­cription of Software:

Tutorial will include work with Reaxys environment. One need to have valid license to Access.  There are a lot of materials on its site - you can use them also. Please register in advance www.Reaxys.com being in KpFU campus.

Trial version of  Reaxys & Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is opened for participants at Kazan Federal University.

Trial start date: 05/07/2015
Trial end date:  19/07/2015

You can access your trial subs­cription at https://www.reaxys.com.

Visit Help directly in Reaxys to start learning all about Reaxys! Including guides, videos and webinars.

Access is provided to you via computers within WiFi network of Kazan University. 

 Additional Materials: