Researches in the laboratory are going in 4 directions:

1. Organic memristive devices. This line includes the optimisation of the «Layer-by-Layer» technology for the realization of memristive devices with improved parameters. Investigation of the realized devices structure by optical microscopy, AFM and SEM. Establishing of the basic methods for the realization of electronic analogs of the parts of nervous system. Realization of organic memristor-based systems, capable to learning

2. Stochastic adaptive systems on 3D solid supports. Study of different materials with developed surface for their further utilization as «skeletons» for the stochastic networks. Development of the methods of the deposition of polymeric layers onto developed surfaces. Study of the structure and properties of such samples. Start-up of experiments on the training of stochastic networks.

3. Programming of biochemical computers by functional polymeric nano- and micro-capsules. Development and optimization of the polymeric capsule preparation techniques, including those done from biocompatible substances. Development of loading methods of capsules with functional compounds. Realization of the capsule surface modification for the targeted delivery. Structural study of these objects with optical microscopy, AFM, and SEM. Investigation of the possibility of starting chemical reactions in a defined area by targeted delivery and release of the required compound.

4. Living systems-based information processing devices. Development of the methods of growing of living systems (Physarum polycephalum) on functional conducting polymer supports. Investigation of the conductivity and optical properties variation of the conducting polymers during and after the interactions with living systems. Realization and study of the hybrid bioelectronic element, based on polyaniline and Physarum polycephalum.

Our Achievements:

  1. Realization of organic memristor with LbL channel.
  2. Realization of stochastic networks of memristors on porous supports.
  3. Development of the concept of biochemical computer programing with nanoengineered polymeric capsules.