As you may know, all the students attending KFU are divided into groups and there’s the annual contest for the Best Group of the Year.

As concerning us, 4th-year ecologists, we are studying in 5 groups. My group, 02-103, is very special since we became the 2nd Best Group of 2015. The contest was held in two stages: groups submitted their portfolios and then had a chance to present themselves to the Board of Juries with a performance. Also each group has its own leader and there was a separate contest amongst them for The Best Leader title where I became the 3rd. The preparations were so much fun as we had never took part in such events, and our Student Union reps helped us out a lot. The main criteria were to show the nature of our future profession as well as our best talents, so we sang, danced, played the guitar, and cited poetry.


The awarding ceremony took place on May13th. We were so proud, excited and happy with the results: 2nd Best Group and 3rd Best Group Leader. This contest gave us a chance to enjoy our last moments of vivid student whirl and life-lasting memories!