UNICS Culture and Sports Center

UNICS is one of the biggest multifunctional culture and fitness centers in Kazan with total usable floor space of more than 15,000 sqm.

The center consists of:

1) big concert hall (1,060 seats);

2) small concert hall (390 seats);

3) 10 different sports grounds;

4) climbing wall.

The purpose of the facility is to cater primarily to the needs of KFU. The daily attendance of physical education students is around 2,500 persons across 23 different sports. Among those are aerobics, thai-bo, bodyflex, yoga, pilates, shaping, dance, rock climbing, fitness gyms. A medical fitness lab is also available for preliminary health checks and individual recommendations.

The concert facilities of UNICS hold about 300 different musical and educational events a year. More than 110 creative teams and clubs with over 1,500 student members spend their rehearsals and training here.

Moskva Sports Center

The Center was built in 2010 and transferred to the University in September 2011. It hosted the events of 2013 Universiade.

Bustan Sports Center and Swimming Pool

Bustan is a multifunctional sports facility. It was among the seven venues opened by the then Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin in May 2010.

There are two buildings with 3,499 and 6,196 sqm areas respectively. They include a gaming hall, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and medical and administrative rooms. The Center hosted volleyball and swimming at 2013 Universiade.

4 Butlerov Street Sports Hall

The facility is located near the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance. There 3 gyms occupying 888 sqm.

Sports Center on Orenburgsky Trakt

The Center hosts physical training classes for students with special health requirements.