Trade Union at the Law Faculty is a part of the Student Trade Union of Kazan Federal University. In this regard, the main task of the Trade Union is to providestudents with social assistance throughfinancial and  social support ,e.g. travel expenses reimbursement for nonresident students, meal vouchers, etc.

Trade Union is initiallydesigned to ensure comfortable accommodation of students, teach them to be disciplined, responsible and organized. Trade Union is a dynamic structure that is continuously updated by involving new recruits from junior students. This ensures continuity in its functioning and long-term projects implementation. Every student can be confident that his personal contribution will be recognized, appreciated and rewarded, and ideas will find a response amongfellows. This is the way all projects originated. Projects titles underscorethe nature of the student activities.

- "Noble Heart"project highlights important social and moral principles including public assistance to disadvantaged groups of society.

- "100 Questions for a Professional" projectgives students the opportunity to unveil the mystery ofsuccess and prosperity of a particular person.

- “University as viewed by students” photo contest allows students to express their feelings and associations associated with the words "University", "Law faculty".

-“My academic group”project is aimedat overcoming the barrier of misunderstanding between freshmen in new group.

Students ofLaw Faculty annually take part in the University competition "the Best academic group” and get awardsthanks to student group cohesiveness.