Student life is intensive and interesting. Every year the University and the Law Faculty run various cultural events: concerts, festivals, competitions, including Freshman Day, the Law Faculty Day , the University Day, Tatyana's Day, the Festival of English songs, Student Spring Festival, etc.

Students ofLaw Faculty actively participate in the University life. Each year Faculty discovers new talents. Various creative teams managed by students themselveshave been established on the Faculty, e.g.  choir “Rhapsody”, art-group “Index 8” andart-group "A. Yu."haveappeared in the recent years.Furthermore, some students are professional artists, singers, ballroom dancers, etc. They participate and represent our Faculty not only at the University level, but also in the city, Republican and Federal events.

"Student spring" festival is the historical tradition of the University, representing an annual review of the University students’creativity. The festival is a competition between the faculties and the institutes of the University.

One of the most vivid traditions of the Law Faculty is an annual celebration of the Law Faculty Day. It brings together students and academic staff,their creative union manifests itself in joint shows and performances. Students and academic staff are not afraid to experiment and to surprise the audience with new ideas.