Наша лаборатория

Laboratory Head

Jussi Kauhanen

Institute of Health and Clinical Nutrition

University of Eastern Finland.

The work group is composed of the researchers from I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University and different universities of Kazan.

The main agenda of the Lab is to study differences between local and imported agricultural products as for vitamins, macro- and microelements content and execute control according to International and National Standards for Toxic Components (heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides and etc.). Hence, we are constantly analyzing integrated data from different agencies and a great number of scientific papers from the perspectives of health  preservation and strengthening of different population groups.

An important research stage includes health risks assessment for the population of municipal districts of Tatarstan Republic with the account of proportion of local and imported products and diseases prognosis in case of elimination of short/excessive supply of certain substances of natural or technogenic origin.

Results of this study will allow to justify in quantitative terms the priority tasks for provision of qualitative and safe foodstuffs, to raise the level and quality of life and improve health indices of the population of the Republic of Tatarstan, and to promote local agricultural products in other regions of Russia due to advantageous peculiarities of their chemical composition proved by medical science. Prospects for further development of this trend are the investments into a food program of the Republic of Tatarstan with assessment of the population state of health, increase of home agricultural products processing production, raw materials and food supplies.

Research areas:

For more detailed information on our research, please, contact with Dr. Nataliya Stepanova,  Suryana Fomina 

Out team teaches General Hygiene and Medical Ecology to students of Kazan Federal University. We are open and ready to collaborate with domestic and international, research groups.