Primary migration registration
The foreign citizens having arrived for training (training courses, etc.) must submit within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays) the following documents for migration registration to (Hostel 2, #100, Kazanskaya Street):

In this case the period of migration registration is determined by the visa period.

Making multiple entry visa

No less than 30 days before the expiration of the term specified in the primary migration registration in accordance with the valid entry visa, foreign citizens must submit the following documents:

Multiple-entry visa is issued for the entire period of study, but not more than 1 year.
The migration registration for the term of the visa is carried out after registration of a multiple entry visa.

The extension of a visa

For extension of the multiple-entry visa or for registration a new foreign citizen must submit 30 days before the expiry of the visa the documents specified in item 2:

Change of residence

In case of a change of residence the foreign citizen is obliged within 2 days to inform the passport office worker and register at the new address.

Changing migration status

When obtaining a temporary residence permit, residence permit or citizenship of the Russian Federation a foreign citizen must notify the passport office worker within 24 hours and submit the relevant documents.
The university is not engaged in the issues of changing migration status

The validity of a national passport
In case of the expiration of the national passport a foreign citizen must leave the territory of the Russian Federation or in a timely manner renew or replace it with a new one notifying the passport worker. After extending the validity of the passport or obtaining a new one a foreign citizen must submit it to the passport-visa office for the changes in the visa, migration card and other documents.
Registration or renewal of a multiple entry visa and migration registration without a valid passport is impossible.

Loss of documents
In case of loss of documents (a national passport, visa, migration card) the foreigner is obliged to contact the nearest police station immediately in the place of loss or detection of loss of documents to get a certificate of loss. The foreigner is obliged to notify the passport worker of the incident.

Removal from the migration registration
Removal from the migration registration occurs at the moment of crossing the border of the Russian Federation or at the time of registration during the journey on the territory of the Russian Federation. So the procedure of migration registration is repeated each time after returning from holidays or after returning from a trip on the territory of the Russian Federation, during which a foreign citizen was put on the migration registration in the hotel, hospital, etc.

After graduating from the University and expelling a foreign citizen must leave the territory of Russia in accordance with the deadlines set by law, by purchasing tickets in advance. Extending of the term of university graduates for reasons not related to training or other reasons not prescribed by law is not allowed.
The university is not responsible for the formulation of migration registration of relatives and friends of foreign citizens.

Medical care of foreigners
Medical service of foreign citizens is practiced on the basis of the policy of voluntary medical insurance purchased by personal funds of a foreign citizen.

Work experience
The right to work of foreign citizens is regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Responsibility of Foreign Citizens
Foreign citizens who have committed crimes, administrative or other offences on the territory of the Russian Federation should be liable on the same basis as citizens of the Russian Federation.
For violation of the stay order in the Russian Federation the following measures can be applied to foreign citizens: a fine, administrative expulsion, deportation in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation