Superconductivity and Magnetism, Strongly Correlated Electrons

Research staff: Prof. B.I. Kochelaev, S.I. Belov, A.M. Skvortsova, A.S. Kutuzov, M.A. Malakhov, and invited researcher Prof. I.M. Eremin (Ruhr University).

We develop theoretical models in order to explain experimentally observed unusual nanoscale magnetic, electric and kinetic properties and phase transitions of usual and high-temperature superconductors, new magnetic materials, Kondo-lattices with heavy fermions.

Magnetic and Optical Properties of Crystals Containing Rare Earth and Transition Metal Ions

Research staff: Prof. B.Z. Malkin, Prof. L.K. Aminov, O.A. Anikeenok, O.V. Solovyev, E.I. Baibekov, V.V. Klekovkina.

We adopt, as well as develop our own specific quantum mechanical models in order to study various physical properties of crystals containing paramagnetic centers, e.g.:

Superconductivity and Magnetism, Spintronics and Magnetotransport in Multi-layered Structures; Non-Linear Phenomena

Research staff: Prof. Yu.N. Proshin, R.G. Deminov, M.V. Avdeev, V.A. Tumanov, M.M. Khusainov, M. Shakirov, G. Shmakov.

We study magnetic, kinetic and transport phenomena in low-dimensional systems (films, multilayers, contacts, quasi-two-dimensional structures) containing superconductors, magnets, metals and isolators. Our research fields are listed below:

Quantum statistical physics, dielectric spectroscopy, finite Fermi systems, liquid crystals

Research staff: A.A. Khamzin, B.M. Khasanov, D. Groshev, and invited researcher Prof. R.R. Nigmatullin (Kazan National Research Technical University - KAI)

We investigate magnetic, thermodynamic, kinetic and transport properties of crystalline and non-crystalline media, microscopic properties of finite Fermi systems. We focus our research on developing new methods and theoretical models in: