1. Virtual Car is an integrated organizational and technical system consisting of a set of interrelated settlement systems, virtual testing and simulation of production processes that provides the set targets including the method and the program of joint thermal and hydraulic settlement of internal combustion engine parts; automated system of vehicle movement calculation based on the elements of artificial intelligence.

2. Joint Research Work with JSC "KAMAZ":

2.1. Research of the reliability of KAMAZ vehicle clutch system.

2.2. Research of the conditions of engine parts lubrication using the ANSIS program.

2.3. Industrial design. Design. Research and testing (accelerated and concurrent engineering design of components and assemblies, improving environmental and economic parameters of internal combustion engines, improving external and internal aerodynamics of the cab, visibility, perfect fit, equipping with modern telecommunications, carrying out field and digital strength tests; decreasing the weight of chassis; development of lose heat recycling systems, etc).

2.4. Casting. Hot and cold bulk processing. Machining. Thin sheet processing. Execution of permanent connections. Protective coating. Assembly.

2.5. Service and maintenance (engineering design of tools and use of modern diagnostic and repair equipment; research to ensure car safety, monitoring the state of systems and units of cars, driving modes and operation, increase transport efficiency and safety, and others).

3. Development of new composite materials with a set of special properties (epoxy composites plasticized by СКН-30КТР rubbers; polyurethane composites modified by silicone and organic compounds)

4. Quality management of technology processes in design and operation of laser technological complexes.

5. Metrology and Standardization (Development of a data collection system with a manual measuring instrument for measurements in the process of work, transferring information using advanced technologies, data collection and statistical processing. Automation of operational production management. Development and implementation of measurement systems of operational, interdepartmental and inter-plant control).

6. Processing of carbonaceous wastes of production and consumption.

7. Environmental safety of road infrastructure (development of methods and means of control of environmental situation in Naberezhnye Chelny city).

8. Coalescing purification of oily wastewater (development of the plant for sewage and industrial liquids treatment)

9. Purification of exhaust gas emissions (development of exhaust gas purification system for diesel engines with gas-discharge-catalytic device with pre-treatment of exhaust gases from suspended solids).

10. Intelligent information systems for machine-building enterprises (development of mathematical models and theoretical bases for designing intelligent onboard information and control systems of mobile objects; creating a knowledge base of vehicle components; forecasting of reliability of complex technical systems on the basis of elements of artificial intelligence; intelligent logistics system of the enterprise; development of CAD-CAM systems