The scientific library of the Elabuga Institute of KFU is one of the largest university libraries in the Vyatka-Kama region. It was created on the basis of the library of the pedagogical school in 1939.

Since 2000, an electronic catalog and electronic files have been formed. In September 2018, the grand opening of the Museum of the Book - a scientific reading room, automated workplaces for users were created, and there is also free access to the literature fund.

After joining the Kazan Federal University in 2011, library users expanded their ability to use the electronic resources of leading foreign and domestic publishers and aggregators (electronic library systems, Russian and foreign network resources, etc.).

Along with electronic collections, the library offers users about 400 thousand copies of educational, scientific, reference and fiction literature in Russian, Tatar, English and German.

Through the website of the library of Kazan Federal University, you can also work with the consolidated electronic catalog of 15 leading libraries in Kazan, use the services.

Kazan Federal University regularly acquires access to electronic resources (Elsevier electronic collections, Scopus abstract database, etc.).

The KFU library forms its own electronic collections.

The collection of teaching resources contains lecture notes and teaching aids for teachers of KFU.

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We inform you that the books that are given to you when connecting to the Lan EBS are for personal use only. Please do not include books presented to you personally in the lists of literature for the working programs of disciplines!