• Head of hostels - Mingazova Rauza Vagizovna
• Commandant of the hostel number 1 - Nurmamedov Sabir Tajeddin Ogly
• The commandant of the hostel number 3 - Ramziya Lenzovna Maznaviyeva
• The commandant of the hostel number 4 - Vera Pavlovna Gruzintseva

Information about the presence of the hostel, the number of dwellings in the hostel, boarding school for non-resident students

Name of the indicator


Hostels, units


Total area, sq. M.


Living space, sq. M.


Number of seats, total


Security 100% soft and hard inventory at the established standard rates


Availability of food (including buffets, canteens)



For a comfortable stay, the Elabuga Institute of KFU offers nonresident students to stay in one of three hostels. Rooms in the hostels of two, three, four. There are 103 living rooms in the hostel No. 1 (380 beds), 221 living rooms in the hostel No. 2 (650 beds), 130 rooms in the hostel No. 4 (320 beds).

The necessary conditions for a full-fledged residence, study, cultural recreation and sports are created in the hostels of EI KFU. Hostels are equipped with a gym for shaping, a gym, a hall of choreography. The cinema, the psychological lounge, the lounge with tennis tables and a pool table, a chess room, and a laundry room with washing machines are there. Weekly in the cinema are viewings of modern and classic films with the audience of student discussions with the participation of teachers of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology.

The protection of public order in the hostels is carried out by the PSC (LLC “Kornet”, PSC ”Contract No. 0.101.59-08 / 661/17 dated September 14, 2017 - physical security of facilities, Security Company Alabuga-Okhrana LLC” Contract No. 152/82 dated 30.03 .2018 - security services KTS). On the basis of the hostel number 2 operates a student medical center, equipped with modern medical equipment.

In the conditions of hostels, issues of development of student self-government bodies are being successfully resolved: student councils of faculties solve housing and household issues of nonresident students, organize mass cultural and sports events.

On the initiative of the student council, a review-competition of hostels is organized, which are held in two categories: “The best floor of the hostel” and “The best student room”; Chess, table tennis and other tournaments are held.