Within the framework of organizing extracurricular activities, students’ leisure-time and with the aim of preventing socially negative conduct among youth there have been organized creative groups, students’ associations and sports clubs of various trends, which unite talented students, namely: Students’ security service “Forepost”, Headquarters of Students’ labour teams, The school of creative and active students, The Chess club, Students’ choir, Fashion theatre, Choreography studio, The club of the merry and witty, The Debate club.

The representatives of student public organizations, of creative teams win prizes in sports championships, Olympiads, in creative competitions and festivals of Russian and international levels.

For example, the members of the sports club “Medved” (the coach is O.A. Razzhivin, associate professor of the department of physical training) have won the leading positions at the world championships in power-lifting, thus positioning the sports school of Elabuga Institute of KFU among other higher educational establishments of Russia.

One of the priority directions of educative work at Elabuga Institute of KFU is the development of the students’ physical culture (training). It is being guided by two departments of physical training and by the sports committees of the teachers’ and the students’ trade unions. The lessons of physical training are conducted in 8 gyms of the physical-training complex of Elabuga Institute of KFU. The gyms are equipped with modern athletic equipment. The time-table of training includes lessons from 8 a.m. up to 10 p.m.

A sports club functions at the Sports complex (which is headed by Y.K. Zhestkova, senior lecturer of the department of the theoretical fundamentals of physical culture).

The Sports club comprises the following sections:

The Sports club organizes competitions (of different rates, such as institute, city, All-Russian and International ones) in seven kinds of sports, it carries out active work with the students who are trained according to individual programs, it organizes meetings of outstanding sportsmen with the students of the institute, it organizes sports festivals in Elabuga and Elabuga district. Getting the students involved in different sports activities starts from the first year of their studies: it includes sports competitions between the faculty teams and the traditional Spartakiada (sports contests) between first-year students.