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DOI: 10.26907/2541-7746.2022.4

Bilalova N.F. The d-risk of Bayesian estimation for the probability of success in Bernoulli trials


Burmasheva N.V., Prosviryakov E.Yu. Exact solution of the Couette–Poiseuille type for steady concentration flows


Nuriev A.N., Kamalutdinov A.M., Zaitseva O.N. Determination of hydrodynamic forces acting on the body in an unsteady viscous flow using characteristics of the flow on the control surface


Bazhenov V.G., Nagornykh E.V. Numerical analysis of large elastoplastic deformations of bodies and continua and identification of their deformation diagrams under different types of loading


Paimushin V.N., Makarov M.V. Refined equations and buckling modes under four-point bending loading of the sandwich test specimen with composite facing layers and a transversely flexible core


Kholmogorov S.A., Levshonkova N.V. Experimental research of the failure mechanisms of sandwich specimens with facing layers from unidirectional



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