The Department of bilingual and digital education was formed in 2019. It is the successor of the Department of educational technologies and information systems in philology, which was established in 2015 through the merger of two Departments (the Department of mathematical linguistics and information systems in philology and the Department of the theory and technology of humanitarian education). The headed of the Department is Leilya Leonardovna Salekhova.

The decision to rename the Department was made in response to new challenges for the traditional education system related to the spread of global bilingualism, digitalization of education and the development of the global information environment. Bilingualism and multilingualism are becoming increasingly important and becoming essential attribute of the information society. Respectively, pedagogical activity with the use of digital technologies and tools is becoming one of the key characteristics of a multilingual education.

The Department is interdisciplinary. Currently, there are fourteen professors in the Department: five professors, five associate professors, four senior lecturers. Among them are PhDs and DScis of Physical and Mathematical sciences,  PhDs in Pedagogy and Philological Science.

The Department provides teaching of basic disciplines for Bachelor and Master degree students in Teaching in the field of IT and computer science, theory and methods of teaching foreign languages, bilingual education, as well as general and professional pedagogy. To provide a modern educational environment, the department staff actively develops and uses digital educational resources (LMS Moodle, virtual classrooms, as well as cloud technologies).

The main scientific directions of the Department:

The department successfully operates a scientific seminar "Modern educational technologies in the multilingual environment."

The department has a CLIL laboratory (Content and Language Integrated Learning). Researches on study, development and testing of bilingual education technologies in high and secondary schools are being conducted under the guidance of L.L. Salekhova here.

The Department supervises the following degree programs:

The Department trains PhD candidates in general pedagogics and education. The work is carried out under the supervision of DScis I. E. Yarmakeev, L.L. Salekhova, R. A. Fakhrutdinova, F.G. Yalalov.