The Department of Romance and Germanic Philology has a teaching and research laboratory "Comparative Phraseology and Phraseography", which deals with the study of conceptual analysis, phraseological foundation of different languages and peculiarities of linguistic identity. The laboratory "Comparative Phraseology and Phraseography" is intended for teaching bachelors, masters and postgraduate students of the Department of Russian and Foreign Philology to the basics of research in the field of general and comparative phraseology and phraseography of languages of different types, highlighting the issues of patterns of intra-linguistic development and ethnocultural marking of language phenomena and their implementation. In addition, students have an opportunity to have an internal internship in the laboratory "Comparative Phraseology and Phraseography".


The main objectives of the laboratory are:

- Enhancement of professional expertise and skills of students in the field of phraseology;

- Comparative study of the semantic structure of phraseological units on the basis of material of Slavic and Germanic languages in synchrony and diachrony;

- Creating conditions for research work of students to investigate the Russian and Foreign phraseology;

- Implementation of projects related to phraseology: scientific conferences, preparation scientific publications on phraseology in modern Russian prose and poetry.

- Providing methodological assistance to bachelors, masters, postgraduate students and young scholars in the preparation of scientific papers;

- Assistance in the implementation of individual research on comparative phraseology and phraseography to students.