Courses for 2014-2015 academic year

High quality of the training is guaranteed by competent teaching staff, the content of teaching materials used in the learning process and informational technologies available at the department.

Teaching priorities at the Department include the following:

  1. General English

English for Academic Purposes program provides you with the English language and academic skills you need to accomplish your goal.

The course will help you:

The Educational Center for Professional Communicative Training created within the Department provides a wide range of programs for those who want to master and improve their level of the English Language:

To be successful in today's multilingual work environment, executives and businesspeople must be able to communicate confidently, accurately and effectively in English-speaking situations. The program offers several unique options to help busy professionals like you master the English skills essential to achieving your career goals.

This program covers all aspects of instruction, including language analysis, lesson planning, methodology, classroom management and professional development. The program also includes a practical teaching component in a real classroom. It includes: