The Department of Russian and World Literature of Kazan University trains graduates in Philology majoring in both, language (Russian, English, Spanish) and literature. The head of the Department is Professor Olga Nesmelova.

There are 24 members of the Department, including 20 professors with different academic degrees. They teach a number of special philological subjects mostly concerning Russian and World literatures, their histories and methods of teaching and the history of arts. They work not only for the students of the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication but for several other structural divisions of Kazan Federal University, including the Institute of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies, the Institute of Social and Philosophical sciences and Mass Media, etc. 

The Department provides programs of Bachelor and Master degrees as well as PhD and Post-Doctoral studies in Russian Literature, World Literature, Literature Theory and Methods of Teaching Russian and Literature.

Today the Department of Russian and World Literature consists of highly qualified specialists in Russian literature professors V. Krylov, A. Pashkurov, A. Skvortsov, and etc.; specialists in American Studies professors V. Shamina, O. Nesmelova and O. Karasik; specialists in British Studies professor L. Khabibullina and others; and specialists in teaching methods, such as professor A. Galimullina, etc. Many of them are the members of different professional associations and societies, such as European Association for American Studies, the Union of Writers and others.

The major research field of the Department's scholars is Literature in the Situation of Poliethnicity and Policonfessionalism. This theme maybe subdivided into two research topics defined as Literature in the Situation of Poliethnicity and Policonfessionalism and Literature in the Context of Western and Oriental Cultures.

The Department of Russian and World Literature holds several long-lasting projects: