Department of Tataristics and Cultural Studies formed in 2016 on the base of Department of music and choreography has a long history and rich traditions.

Learning the language, literature, culture and art of the Tatar people is carried out from foundation of the Kazan Imperial University: since 1804 conducted research and cultural life of the Tatars, began to teach the Tatar language and literature, laid traditions of students aesthetic education, choral singing, instrumental music and theater art.

Currently, the activity of the Department of Tataristics and Cultural Studies focused on the integration of science, education and culture. Regularly hosts international scientific-practical conferences, teaching seminars, scientific and creative contests, competitions attracting a large number of participants from many cities in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation, the near and not-so-near abroad. Cultural and educational events organized by the department have large professional and public interest: musical and educational lectures and master-classes of leading specialists of Tatarstan and Russia in the field of art and art education.

The department carries out training of highly qualified bachelors and masters in the field of art studies, cultural studies and pedagogical education for higher, general and vocational education system.