Master degree program "Physics of atoms and molecules".

The master degree program "Physics of atoms and molecules" exists at the department of optics and nanophotonics since 1997. It is headed by the head of the department Dr., Professor M. Kh. Salakhov.

The program is worked out for the persons who have a diploma of higher education in physical-mathematical area. The program involves specialized training of students in the field of physics that is focused on research and educational activities as well as on the work in the field of high technologies.

The main objective of the master degree program is an in-depth study of special disciplines of physics, basic academic disciplines (including philosophy and English), as well as mastering the skills of independent scientific work. The duration of the program is 2 years.

The graduates receive state diplomas indicating the qualification "Master of Physics."

The master degree program "Physics of atoms and molecules" includes the following disciplines:

    Non-linear dynamical systems, chaos and fractals
    Modern methods of mathematical processing of experiments
    Quantum physics
    Interaction of electromagnetic field with atoms and nanostructures
    Microscopy of nanostructures
    Quantum optics
    Spectroscopy of intermolecular interactions
    Femtosecond laser spectroscopy
    Applied infrared spectroscopy
    Optical methods of information processing
    Photonic crystals