The department inherited the achievements and traditions of the world-famous Kazan Linguistic School, which was the framework for the newly established Kazan Turkology School that has become known throughout the world. The prominent representatives of this school, the staff of our department substantiated and raised to the international level such scientific schools as the Turkic-Tatar Onomastic school, the History of Tatar language, the Kazan Linguistic and Methodological School. At present time, the staff of the department continue with honor the scientific and pedagogical work of these schools.

Our goal is to unite science and education, to strengthen the leading position of the department as scientific, research, educational and methodological center aimed at preserving and developing Tatar language in the multicultural and socio-cultural spaces.

According to the traditions the department conducts research in following fields: 1) Tatar language in diachrony; 2) Tatar language in the modern sociocultural space; 3) Methods of teaching Tatar language in schools and universities in conditions of multicultural language education.

Scientific activity of the department is united under the scientific problematics of "Tatar language in the modern sociocultural space". It is focused on the study of the features of Tatar language in the modern socio-cultural space, the identification of the mechanisms of its transformation, the interconnection and interaction of language and society, language and culture, language and way of thinking, spirituality of the Tatars. The department has long-term experience of academic collaboration with recognized scientific centers of foreign countries and the Russian Federation; including departments of such universities as G. Ibragimov Institute of Language, Literature and Art (Kazan), The Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), Bashkir State University (Ufa), BashSU Sterlitamak Branch (Sterlitamak), Bashkir State Pedagogical University (Ufa), Udmurt State University (Izhevsk), Fratsky University (Turkey), Ataturk University (Turkey), L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Kazakhstan), School of National Revival of Pavlodar (Kazakhstan).

Staff of the department participate in the preparation of academic publications, they are authors of textbooks, manuals for higher educational institutions, schools, gymnasiums. They also take an active part in the preparation and holding of conferences, academic competitions of school students in literature, they act as experts in curricula and textbooks.


Contact information:

Address: 2 Tatarstan st., Kazan, 420021, Russia

The head of the department of Tatar linguistics is Doctor of Philology, Professor Galiullina Gulshat Raisovna,, tel. 8 (843) 221-33-76